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With the Big-Bang primed and ready for action, it was time we added some boost. Rather than go with the same turbos from CXRacing used on the previous two Big-Bang adventures, we stepped up to some serious hardware. John Bewley over at Lil John’s Motorsport Solutions hooked us up with a pair of BorgWarner S475 turbos. Capable of supporting nearly 1,000 hp each, the T4 turbos featured 83mm turbines and A/Rs. For this application we were less interested in boost response and more in efficiency. As it turned out, the backpressure registered during testing was always less than boost pressure by 5-7 psi, a sure sign of an efficient system. The turbos were fed by a pair of stainless turbo manifolds from DNA and custom 90-degree bends that included both the T4 turbo and 45mm wastegate flanges. To control the boost, we installed a pair of Turbosmart Hyper-Gate45 wastegates along with one of their manual wastegate controllers and a variety of springs. The turbo system also featured a dual-core, air-to-water intercooler from CXRacing (used on the two previous Big-Bang tests). For the higher boost levels, we plumbed the system for ice water using a Meziere electric water pump. Fuel was supplied to the 120-pound injectors from an Aeromotive Eliminator pump augmented by a 17V Kenne Bell Boost-a-Pump. Using this system and a boost-referenced fuel-pressure regulator (from Aeromotive), the fuel pressure was rock steady and increased in relation to boost. All testing was run on 118-octane Rockett Brand race fuel.

As a customer, which of those skills are most important to you? Have you thought about the skills that the customer service representatives you have dealt with before have that you thought might have made them better or could have made them better if they have the skill that you had in mind? Dealing with customer service agents when we need service to be done is not as smooth sailing as we expect it to be all the time but let’s all keep in mind that these representatives are trained to have the skills and the tools necessary to be able to provide the help you need when you need it. It is often frustrating to not get what we really want but let’s give them a chance to prove how they can help us before we shut them off and think that asking them for help will not lead anywhere pleasant. Let’s all be fair.

What to take to boost testosterone

what to take to boost testosterone


what to take to boost testosteronewhat to take to boost testosteronewhat to take to boost testosteronewhat to take to boost testosteronewhat to take to boost testosterone