What is trt treatment

“The specific protocol used by a given patient to treat misophonia differs with respect to the extent of the patient’s control (for example, listening to music at home, watching a movie in a theater, watching a movie at home with the sound level set by a spouse), type of sound (for example, music, books on tape, TV show, movies), the sound level used, and the environment where the patient is exposed (for example, home, movie theater, school). In one protocol, the offensive sound (for example, the sound of eating produced by other people) is mixed with a sound which evokes a positive reaction (for example, music) which is initially set at a level that partially masks the offensive sound. Over time the volume level of the positive sound is gradually decreased.”  (Using TRT to Treat Hyperacusis, Misophonia and Phonophobia, ENT & Audiology News, January/February, 2013)

What is trt treatment

what is trt treatment


what is trt treatmentwhat is trt treatmentwhat is trt treatmentwhat is trt treatmentwhat is trt treatment