Ways to improve testosterone

You tell your partner you’re open to discussion but your arms are crossed; say you’re listening but haven’t looked up from your phone yet. Our non-verbal and non-written cues often reveal more than we think they do. Whether it’s how you make eye contact or how you hold yourself during a video interview , don’t forget that you’re constantly communicating even when you’re not saying a word. One strange way to tap into your body for better communication? Think about your toes . Or adopt a power pose if you need to boost your confidence before a big talk. Or learn how to read other people’s body language so you can respond appropriately.

Hey Chris. I was stuck in a dark place and feeling sorry for myself about what could have been, should have been, would have been and all that useless bullshit. Your part about if life hadn’t worked out exactly the way it had, you wouldn’t have the beautiful children that you have now…was my medicine. It made me sit back and think about what I have right now. Is it perfect? No. That is an impossible notion. Is it excellent? It sure as fuck is. For some reason, when I read those words, my scalp got all tingly like I just took a bong rip. Peace Brother, I’m just starting with your stuff now, but it’s timeless.

Ways to improve testosterone

ways to improve testosterone


ways to improve testosteroneways to improve testosteroneways to improve testosteroneways to improve testosteroneways to improve testosterone