Washburn eq 300

For many people, spending a huge amount of money on a bass guitar just doesn’t make sense, especially if you are a casual player or beginner. Which is why budget basses exist – and the Ibanez GSR200 is setting the bar high in this category. With a lightweight agathis body and a choice of funky finishes, as well as a one-piece maple neck, this bass both looks and feels great to play. There’s plenty of versatility in the sound, with a Dynamix P split-coil neck pickup and a Dynamix single-coil J pickup at the bridge, along with active EQ with PHAT-II Bass Boost. So while it’s the cheapest option on this list, it would be hard to tell based on looks or performance! Check out our full review of the GSR200 .

In 2009, Elliott Rubinson (Dean guitars) Dime’s longterm guitar tech, Grady Champion, and former Randall designer Gary Sunda collaborated to design the Dime Amplification range. The D100 head and combo are solid-state designs with two channels, four-band EQ and two footswitches. The writing on the front panel is actually that of Grady Champion. Dime Amplification also offers the Blacktooth; a 20-watt practice amp. Despite both parties’ connection to Dime, and the concept of offering Dime’s sound at an affordable price-point, the range came under heavy criticism from Dime fans for using Dime’s name to sell a range of amps released after his death, (obviously) without his involvement.

Washburn eq 300

washburn eq 300


washburn eq 300washburn eq 300washburn eq 300washburn eq 300washburn eq 300