Testosterone replacement options

If you’re a healthy guy in your 30s and 40s, your testosterone will be declining—but that doesn’t mean you actually need treatment. “If you go in and say, ‘Well, you know, in the past 10 years I’ve gotten more tired, I’m having trouble keeping weight off…’ that’s simply not enough—it’s a natural phenomenon!” Jacques Baillargeon, ., an epidemiologist at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, told Men’s Fitness. However, if you’re a man north of 50, and you’re having difficulty getting it up, you’re feeling depressed, and you’re generally unhappy, you should seek out TRT.

Using testosterone without a prescription in the United States is illegal, and the illegal use of androgen compounds carries health risks. The state of Florida has it’s own drug schedule which closely resembles the Federal statutes. You may have seen recent news about South Florida (Wilton Manors / Fort Lauderdale) crackdown on TRT (think “steroid”) clinics crack-down and arrests. As you may undoubtedly know, the misuse and abuse of testosterone by body-builders and athletes as a short cut to increase muscle mass, improve performance and shorten the duration of recovery time has certainly created misconceptions about the safety of medically prescribed and supervised use of testosterone. Raising androgen levels without the direction of a qualified physician carries health risks, as well as a myriad of potential unwanted side-effects. There is much more involved with TRT than simply elevating a patient’s T levels. Other hormones such as estrogen must also be optimized. Cholesterol, hematocrit and blood pressure must be monitored and kept in check. However, the proper administration of TRT is widely accepted in the medical community and is considered an effective medical treatment for andropause and/or primary and secondary hypogonadism. It is perfectly safe if administered through a qualified physician who has your health, general well-being and safety in mind. Our physicians specialize in this field, and are well-respected in the medical community.

Testosterone replacement options

testosterone replacement options


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