Testosterone for women bodybuilding

I recently went to a japanese clinic to have my testosterone level checked. Now i am above 40 guy with a kid and this may seem natural.
I was shocked to note that the level dropped even below the minimum level. The specialist (claims to be Harvard educated) asked me to take some vitamins, mineral and DHEA pills OR take just take testosterone pills.
Now the thing is that if you take testosterone artificially, then the sperm producing mechanism is not aware of this and hence does not produce enough sperm to make can feel your superpower exploding through your pants though!
If Testosterone is produced naturally, then the brain (which is incharge) tells the sperm making machine that yes , Houston we have a launch for delivery!
Sorry to make it boring and medical jargons, but just thought you’d like to know some facts behind this fun blog.

This is a common problem with pellets. If you go looking for forums on the matter, you will see that it is rather typical for patients to have a similar response somewhere around the 4th and 5th implantation. This stems from poor oversight/management, and design flaws in the pellets themselves. Keep in mind that all pellets are made the same way. This may seem beneficial at first glance, however, what this really means is that “6 months” worth of medication dissolves in a way that sends your levels far too high in the first month, and then plummeting far too fast and low in the next 2-3.

Testosterone for women bodybuilding

testosterone for women bodybuilding


testosterone for women bodybuildingtestosterone for women bodybuildingtestosterone for women bodybuildingtestosterone for women bodybuildingtestosterone for women bodybuilding