Testosterone causes

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Many veterans are, unfortunately, a perfect example of what mental and physical trauma can do to testosterone levels. Approximately 92% of veterans that check their blood testosterone levels at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic are diagnosed as hypogonadal and suffering from acutely low testosterone production. The pressures of being overseas, dealing with enemies, live threatening situations, needing to use immediate problem-solving techniques at any second, and the strenuous physical conditions take the ultimate toll. Their ability to produce testosterone becomes very low.

I am a 48 years old female with NO sex drive so I have been injecting myself with .2-.3 ml testosterone cypionate , into stomach fatty tissue, every two weeks. I have had phenomenal results. I’m concerned with making sure my hormone levels are at safe levels. I get them checked twice a year. My most recent testosterone total lc/ms is
Testosterone serum 210, free testosterone . Should I be concerned with the high serum level?
T4 , dhea , tsh, , Estradiol , lipids were perfect. I get mixed reviews mentioning testosterone therapy too different doctors so hoping for insight from someone with your insight. Thank you

Testosterone causes

testosterone causes


testosterone causestestosterone causestestosterone causestestosterone causestestosterone causes