Testosteron boost

The key to masculinity and vitality is the human growth hormone that separates the boys from the men. It plays a vital role in the creation of muscle mass and strong bones. It contributes to deep voice and even sex drive. Low testosterone in men is known as hypogonadism. As a product of a modern world made for convenience the male body does not go through nearly as much rigorous activity. The lack of daily exercise contributes to the decrease in male testosterone. It can hit as early as the mid 20s and steadily decrease each subsequent year.

10. Sleep and Fatigue . Inadequate testosterone can also lead to poor sleep quality, which means that the only thing you'll want to do under the covers is put your head on the pillow and crash.  Testosterone deficiencies decrease the all-important recuperative REM sleep and other critical sleep parameters. One study showed that low T did this not only by increasing weight gain, which negatively impacts sleep in and of itself, but also through other mechanisms that we do not yet understand. [11] And none of this should be a surprise considering how much that testosterone affects the brain.

1. Get a shower filter to lower chlorine levels. Maybe a whole house filter, too?
2. For more zinc, eat: oysters, meat, sprouted pumpkin seeds, cocoa, spinach and yogurt.
3. Use more glass, wood, natural fibers and stainless steel and less plastic. Examples: glass water bottle, bamboo keyboard and mouse, glass tuperware, stainless steel pot and kitchenware, 100% cotton sheets and clothes, tent without extra chemicals.
4. Get good sunshine earlier in the day to activate daytime body cycle.
5. Use coconut oil and butter.
6. Engage in healthy competition.
7. Consider high-quality probiotics – sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, etc.

Testosteron boost

testosteron boost


testosteron boosttestosteron boosttestosteron boosttestosteron boosttestosteron boost