Test eq proviron cycle

Alright for starters I would up the EQ dose to 800 leave the test e at 600 and up the Masteron to 400. Yes the Masteron will combat and block estrogen conversion but you should still run an AI for the first 4-5 weeks because the Mast E will kick in about the same time the Test e does. Have you run EQ before? Your cycle layout leads me to believe you haven't but I'll be happy to be proven wrong. Run EQ at 800mg for 14 weeks and your Test E two weeks past the EQ so you're not coming off of everything g at once. Then you need to start your pct 2 weeks after your last shot of Test E Clomid and Nolva 100/100/50/50 40/40/20/20 then done

I have been using these tiny blue pills since Nov. '15 and continue to do so, since the same batch still work fine. I'll take just (1) pill 30 minutes to 1 hour before "exercise" and I can start to feel the effects around 20 minutes after taking.....my face starts to get this "tingly" sensation and a slight sensation in my stomach as well....almost like I took some pre-workout mix. You basically have confirmation now that a drug is starting to take effect inside your body. Performance wise its an A+. Without getting into too many details it has exceeded my expectations......pill will last 24 hrs which usually means I'll get a bonus morning romp. Same quality as real Viagra for a lot less money.

So many things wrong here. I still don’t understand why people “pyramid” their cycles. And I don’t want to hear how it’s easier to come off, half-life remains the same regardless of dose.
Never end a cycle with Tren-E, Tren-A maybe but never E. It’s stubborn metabolites will linger around having a negative impact on PCT and recovering. It also doesn’t go well with EQ, Tren is so much stronger that it will over power the EQ. It’s basically unnecessary. Also, if you’re going to run orals, do it at the beginning not the end. Reason being that the orals will kick is quicker then the injectables. It’s all about synergy, this cycle is all over the place. Can tweak it and get much better results.
A few other things I can mention but I’ll leave it at that.

Test eq proviron cycle

test eq proviron cycle


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