Test e equipoise first cycle

As per usual it is manufactured from the best API and tested before being shipped to South Africa. This ester blend is interesting because the milligrams on the short esters are much lower at 20 mg (acetate), 25 mg (propionate) and 35 mg (phenylpropionate) and the medium to long (cypionate) and long ester (decanoate) are at 135 mg. This 135 mg on the longer esters is higher than Test 450mg and it will cause a increase in blood serum levels of testosterone that would be quite significant over a longer period. The lower dose on the short esters will result in the onset of this drug to be more gradual and not as intense and hectic. In summary it will be a smooth and gradual release of testosterone initially with a higher peak after a week or so. This is also the first time Ciccone Pharma is using a Testosterone Acetate in any of its products.

Highly Anabolic
Epistane (Methylepitiostanol)
Equipoise –  Boldenone Undecylenate  (Bold200, Boldenone, Baldebal-H)
Ciccone Equipoise Combo450 (See Boldenone esters: Undecylenate, see Cypionate, Acetate)
Primabolin Tabs – Methenolone Acetate
Primabolin Depot –  Methenolone Enathate (Alphabolin, Primabolin Depot)
Masteron100 –  Drostanalone Propionate
Masteron200 –  Drostanolone Enanthate
Winstrol Depot – Stanozolol
Winstrol Tabs – Stanozolol
Oxandrolone – Oxandrolone (Anavar)

Test e equipoise first cycle

test e equipoise first cycle


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