Symptons of low t

I had my thyroid taking out four years ago because of cancer. I take 200 Mcg Levothyroxine 6 days a week and 300 Mcg on the seventh day. I feel tired all the time but can hardly sleep. I also had neck surgery in 2016 and got staff infection and went a year without knowing I had this. For several years now my body temp. has run around 97 F but of late it is down around 95 F. Would this be from my thyroid being gone or from the staph infection. I was on antibiotics through a pic line for two months back in July and Aug. 2017 for the staph. I still have to take two antibiotics everyday for this. I am just concerned if my doctor is treating me right. I was suppose to have already had a full body scan to check for cancer but he says there is no need because blood levels look good. They where good while I had cancer before and while I had the staph infection also.

I’m another ’72 diagnosed person (41 years in December). I remember “woozie” (woozy?) from those years. It was the perfect word. Onomatopoeia (great Todd Rundgren song). There would be a little cartoon figure in the teaching literature. (No word or figure for highes as I remember.) Woozie worked then. Many years later lows (and highs) changed, and have contininued to change. Today they are sometime sneaky and come out of nowhere. Others are more obvious like delayed eating after a shot. (I’m MDI and machine test.) The worst lately have been pernicious lows that won’t respond to carbs/glucose, or that go up a little and then crash again soon after. Happening a lot at work lately.

Hey John, that’s a really interesting video on the effects of sleep on testosterone levels. I know that can really mess with hormone levels. The same thing happens during extreme dieting and many competitive bodybuilders have the T levels of 90 year old men pre-contest. I’ve always been diligent about getting enough sleep and a bad night for me was 7 or 8 hours. I’ve also never gone much under 2,500 calories per day. As far as overtraining, I had periods where I would get so burnt out I would take a week off and then reset my program and work back up to my previous weights over the course of a month or so. Even during these easy periods the symptoms were all there. Before going on TRT my blood pressure, lipids, and body fat levels were all really good so I don’t think metabolic syndrome was at work. Thanks for the resource!

Symptons of low t

symptons of low t


symptons of low tsymptons of low tsymptons of low tsymptons of low tsymptons of low t