Reasons for low testosterone levels

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If anyone calls themselves an Ayurvedic practioner it should mean they have studied Ayurveda! IF they have they would know that Ayurveda is based on minimum 5000 years of science. Meaning that the basic principals that underpin Ayurveda, such as ‘ digestive fire and Vata, Pitta And Kapha ect have been proved over and over agai to be true, ok? So I invite you to read up a little on these principals for yourself and try them, see if they are true for you! After all, isn’t that whats going to have meaning for you? And yes I’m an ayurvedic practioner and always make sure that whatever I tell my clients I have first hand knowledge that it’s true! Go for it!

i have 2 Hollywood Junipers that have grown tall above the roof line. They are in my front garden framing a large window. When I planted them I had no idea they would get so tall. I live in Louisiana (Mandeville, zone 8b). The bottoms are bushy with new growth, about mid-way they are spindly and the central leader is very exposed, I want to cut it off. We get a lot of high-gust wind and rain in the spring that blows the tops to where they get caught on the eaves. I always have to straighten them by pulling the center of the plant(s) straight… I’ve been told this variety is hard to prune I really don’t want to move them. Can I just cut the ugly part and let it go? Id rather prune than remove or transplant. I will send pictures if provided a link where to send them.

Reasons for low testosterone levels

reasons for low testosterone levels


reasons for low testosterone levelsreasons for low testosterone levelsreasons for low testosterone levelsreasons for low testosterone levelsreasons for low testosterone levels