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Almost all of the clinical trials studying TRT have been inconclusive or have not followed patients long-term, so this treatment option is still a bit experimental in practice, and the treatment should not be administered to anyone not deemed an exceptional candidate. Because of the serious nature of TRT, patients with less severe testosterone deficiencies may look into safer, alternative treatment options. Any man currently taking TRT needs to see their doctor regularly for checkups, and should report any medical issues immediately. In addition, prostate screenings are essential. 

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Testosterone should not be controlled by doctors at all. % of doctors know little or nothing about testosterone and their ignorance does more harm than good. A simple google search often puts the patients knowledge beyond their doctors. Doctors have no specific training on testosterone that makes us any safer in their hands. Making it a prescription drug just adds considerable cost and inconvenience for people who need trt and benefits nobody except greedy American doctors. My doctor bills $20,000 for one testosterone shot and we wonder why US healthcare is ten times more expensive than any other country.

Low testosterone young

low testosterone young


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