Low t symptoms and treatment

A very common problem that we see in our office everyday is Thyroid Underconversion . It is now widely accepted that there are 6 major patterns of thyroid dysfunction and only 1 of these patterns responds well to thyroid replacement. For the purpose of this post, I will discuss one of the more common patterns called Thyroid underconversion or Low T3 . Patients with Thyroid problems often suffer terrible with a laundry list of thyroid symptoms, but when the basic thyroid panel comes back the two main markers(TSH,T4) for hypothyroidism are normal. Why does this happen? If you read on, you will understand.

I cannot say for sure whether these are the definite causes of your weight gain but at some points, you may be making correlations between different events and factors that could be “off base” as you said. No, you should not supplement your iodine. You don’t clearly state whether you do have a thyroid problem (hypothyroidism) and even so iodine supplementation may not be the issue here. Hypothyroidism occurs for various reasons even with normal iodine intake. You focus a lot on your history and assumptions yet you do not mention your eating habits and lifestyle. Bear this in mind – even in the setting of hypothyroidism dietary factors and exercise still play important roles. Even if it is not going to drastically change your weight overnight, it would at least help with your other known problems – cholesterol and diabetes mellitus. The visit with the endocrinologist is essential. Working with a dietitian is also necessary. And exercise should be overseen by a reputable fitness trainer. You should also consider the assistance of a psychologist in helping you come to terms with the past/recent events which are obviously a disturbance in your life today.

Low t symptoms and treatment

low t symptoms and treatment


low t symptoms and treatmentlow t symptoms and treatmentlow t symptoms and treatmentlow t symptoms and treatmentlow t symptoms and treatment