Low in testosterone

Testosterone is a sex hormone; It is naturally produced in both men and women but is made at a much higher level in men. Low testosterone is not just about libido or becoming stronger and bigger in the gym. While this can be an effect of treatment, the condition known as Low T is much more in-depth. It is what gives a male the secondary sex characteristics of a man. Testosterone – which can profoundly reduce energy levels – is responsible for stimulating muscle growth, achieving normal erectile and cognitive functions, restore energy levels and maintaining normal bone density.

PACE features short bouts of vigorous exercise that are specifically designed to boost testosterone production, along with lung power, fat loss, muscle mass and bone strength.

  1. Use the herb bulbine natalensis. This African herb has been used for centuries by traditional healers to treat male impotence . And more recent scientific research shows that it can be remarkably effective. A South African study showed that bulbine natalensis produced a stunning 347% increase in testosterone when compared to placebo. 3 And it even outperformed Viagra for improving sex drive.

    Low in testosterone

    low in testosterone


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