Hyposecretion of testosterone

- Nervous System : Works very closely with the nervous system to provide homeostasis - balance in the body. The pituitary gland (endocrine) has an infinite link to the hypothalamus (nervous system/brain) both of which exert great control over the body.
- Circulatory System : Hormones are secreted and carried in the bloodstream to the various target organs.
- Digestive System : Digestion is reliant upon hormones secreted in the stomach, small intestines and pancreas.
- Female Reproductive System : Governs the reproductive system particularly in females as it controls the menstrual cycle and the release of hormones during pregnancy and childbirth.

5) Lack of skin pigmentation.

6) Rare type of dwarfism
resulting from an impaired
ability of the fetus to form
cartilage bone.

7) An unremitting, fatal nervous
system disease involving
degeneration of the basal

8) A condition of excessive
mucus production.
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9) A disorder of brain lipid

A) Achondroplasia
B) Albinism
C) Huntingtonʹs disease
D) Tay-Sachs disease
E) Cystic fibrosis

Hyposecretion of testosterone

hyposecretion of testosterone


hyposecretion of testosteronehyposecretion of testosteronehyposecretion of testosteronehyposecretion of testosteronehyposecretion of testosterone