Hcg effects on men

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If you'd like to research this further, I have a MUCH more lengthy/detailed post about Lipo shots at my Lipo shot on the hCG Diet Blogpost here . But here's some main pointers.
PLEASE NOTE: The main point here is this - there is NO scientific proof that using Lipo/MIC shots increases weight loss on the hCG diet or that the functions of the ingredients do what they say on a level that actually changes your experience on the diet. That said, many people as you will see below, have expressed they felt the shots did help them, and you can read these below. Just like there's no proof the hCG Diet works for weight loss, those of us who've done it know otherwise on a personal level. So there is no way to be sure. It's simply something to try if you choose. The ingredients are not harmful - they are basic vitamins and amino acids that we consume in smaller quantities in our food, so for most of us, it's not going to hurt anything to try them.

Hcg effects on men

hcg effects on men


hcg effects on menhcg effects on menhcg effects on menhcg effects on menhcg effects on men