Haldol im agitation

processing.... Drugs & Diseases haloperidol (Rx) Brand and Other Names: Haldol, Haldol Decanoate, more... Haloperidol LA, Peridol

  • Classes: Antipsychotics, 1st Generation
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The influence of renal impairment on the pharmacokinetics of haloperidol has not been evaluated. About one-third of a haloperidol dose is excreted in urine, mostly as metabolites. Less than 3% of administered haloperidol is eliminated unchanged in the urine. Haloperidol metabolites are not considered to make a significant contribution to its activity, although for the reduced metabolite of haloperidol, back-conversion to haloperidol cannot be fully ruled out. Even though impairment of renal function is not expected to affect haloperidol elimination to a clinically relevant extent, caution is advised in patients with renal impairment, and especially those with severe impairment, due to the long half-life of haloperidol and its reduced metabolite, and the possibility of accumulation (see section ).

In another study, 4 270 acutely agitated inpatients with schizophrenia received 1 to 3 IM injections of olanzapine (, 5, , or 10 mg), haloperidol ( mg), or placebo. The higher the olanzapine dose, the greater the PANSS-EC score reduction 2 hours after the first injection. Olanzapine was more effective than haloperidol on some agitation measures at and 10 mg, and olanzapine was significantly more effective than haloperidol 24 hours post-injection, based on Agitated Behavior Scale scores. 4 Both agents were similarly effective 2 hours after injection.

Haldol im agitation

haldol im agitation


haldol im agitationhaldol im agitationhaldol im agitationhaldol im agitationhaldol im agitation