Extremely low testosterone levels

I am 20 years old and I feel like I may have LLI but I’m not sure. I experience a lot of the same “symptoms” as you and some of the others who have commented on this article, but I feel like I might be experiencing some of the down sides and I just wanted to see if you experience the same things. I don’t have a genius level iq but it is higher than average. Like you, I don’t label things, I visualize all the parts involved even if I’ve never seen it. With cars I don’t just see a car I see the engine, radiator, fan belt, pistons, air conditioning, radio, odometer, speedometer and even things that I have no idea what they do or their names I can still visualize it. I recently started a new job and after being shown what to do I was able see a different, quicker, and more efficient way of doing it. As I was writing this I was driving down the interstate doing 90 weaving through traffic and singing along with the music on the radio. As you said there are different types of LLI and some of things I’m experiencing annoy and frustrate me greatly. Certain accents and pronunciations of words annoy me. Ignorant people talking about things that they have no clue about make me absolutely infurriated. Even people with speech impediments anger me. Brown nosers and people who ask a lot questions make me angry. I can hardly concentrate when the air conditioning unit outside one my classes turns on. I read one article where a guy was anti social to the point that many people thought he was suicidalbut I find myself not having that problem except when I’m at a party I can’t stay in one place for very long. I find myself going around the party loooking at all the small details and then trying to recall them in the morning (usually with great success). I’m having trouble writing this because I can’t convey in words everything that I want to share but if you just read this and let me know if you have experienced some these things and possibly give some advice on what to do that would be great. Knowing my parents, they won’t take me serious about something like this (they don’t think ADD and ADHD are real conditions, just poor parenting) especially since it’s relatively unheard of by doctors/ psychologists. Please just let me know what you think.

Extremely low testosterone levels

extremely low testosterone levels


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