Equipoise only cycle forums

The Level 2 Equipoise cycle designed for cutting represents a truly advanced plan. This is not a plan for a new steroid user, and even many veterans will find it is more than they need. This will primarily be a cycle designed for competitive bodybuilders or those who desire a similar look. Although labeled an Equipoise cycle for the purposes of our discussion, we will find it is merely a small part of a total larger plan. In this Equipoise cycle, it is the conjoined relationship of numerous compounds that will produce the desired results. This will also be the time when compounds like Clenbuterol and Cytomel will want to be strongly considered.

I thought about it a few times. I want to run the EQ alone to make sure any gains I get are from the EQ and not a combination. I have prop just in case I start to crash though and my buddy brought me over some TNE. EVERYONE I read about says they took it with test and then one person says anything under 400 is a waste while another person says 600 A 1000 pound horse needs 500mg every 2 weeks of EQ. Why the hell would I want more then a 1000 pound horse? Apples to oranges I know lol. Since very few have done it without test I figured what the hell.

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Equipoise only cycle forums

equipoise only cycle forums


equipoise only cycle forumsequipoise only cycle forumsequipoise only cycle forumsequipoise only cycle forumsequipoise only cycle forums