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Preparing and Organizing the CTD Throughout the CTD, the display of information should be unambiguous and transparent, to facilitate the review of the basic data and to help a reviewer become quickly oriented to the application contents. Text and tables should be prepared using margins that allow the document to be printed on A4 paper. The left-hand margin should be sufficiently large that information is not obscured through binding. Font sizes for text and tables should be of a style and size that are large enough to be easily legible, even after photocopying. Times New Roman, 12-point font is recommended for narrative text. Acronyms and abbreviations should be defined the first time they are used in each module. However when preparing the product information for applications in the centralised procedure (ref. Module .) it is mandatory to use the "QRD (Quality Review of Documents) convention". Pagination and Segregation Every document should be prepared in line with the CHMP /ICH/2887/99 Revision 1 Organisation CTD recommendation.

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Eq steroid dosage

eq steroid dosage


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