Eq recommended dosage

FDA considers drug products to be therapeutically equivalent if they meet the criteria outlined above, even though they may differ in certain other characteristics such as shape, scoring configuration, release mechanisms, packaging, excipients (including colors, flavors, preservatives), expiration date/time and minor aspects of labeling (., the presence of specific pharmacokinetic information), and storage conditions.  When such differences are important in the care of a particular patient, it may be appropriate for the prescribing physician to require that a specific product be dispensed as a medical necessity.  With this limitation, however, FDA believes that products classified as therapeutically equivalent can be substituted with the full expectation that the substituted product will produce the same clinical effect and safety profile as the prescribed product.

Thanks for your question. We appreciate the opportunity to provide more information on a flagship product such as Recovery and do our part to ensure that it is right for you and working. As per the baseline information on our website at , Recovery works to naturally reduce inflammation throughout the body and to inhibit the inflammatory process. Digestive inflammation is something that Recovery has proven to help reduce and control. It works at the cellular level and supports tissue health throughout the body (including the intestines). As we say, it is designed for “Whole Body Health & Pain Relief”. We would suggest you start slow and increase the dosage in small increments as your body adjusts. An entirely natural supplement, Recovery does NOT have any known interactions with Remicade in particular or most medicines in general. However, as with any specific health concern, we do recommend that you always check with your chosen health care practitioner (. GP or Naturopath).

Eq recommended dosage

eq recommended dosage


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