Eq dbol stack

Explaination of cycle
Sustanon is my base test
Deca and EQ combo - Although both compounds are similar they both can achieve different results in bulking. Eq is the main compound with a deca being the backup. I have read that running the 2 together can really put on some size. I made sure the 2 compounds were not greater than my test so I dont have issues. I am running the deca 2 weeks shorter than the test and the eq 2 weeks longer. The EQ is minimum of 14 weeks for effectiveness.
The DBOl at the end so that it will assist in keeping as much of the gains as possible since the short esters of the sust will not be in my system any longer. The Eq with the dbol will also help with that.
The proviron will help with the test levels so that I can utilize them the best and run it through pct to help recover natural test levels
Anastrozole to aid in estrogen levels during cycle
HCG to aid in recovery of natural functions after the deca and eq

Eq dbol stack

eq dbol stack


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