Eq cycle length

In addition to the routine waste from current nuclear power generation there is other radioactive waste referred to as 'legacy waste'. This waste exists in several countries that pioneered nuclear power and especially where power programs were developed out of military programs. It is sometimes voluminous and difficult to manage, and arose in the course of those countries getting to a position where nuclear technology is a commercial proposition for power generation. It represents a liability which is not covered by current funding arrangements. In the UK, some £73 billion (undiscounted) is estimated to be involved in addressing this waste – principally from Magnox and some early AGR developments – and about 30% of the total is attributable to military programs. In the USA, Russia, and France the liabilities are also considerable.

The Adaptive Limiter is a professional look-ahead brickwall peak limiter that is designed for both mixing and mastering now available in the Engineering Suite. It feature Inter Sample Peak (ISP) detection, 4 different limiting “Character” types, LUFS Loudness & K-Metering, as well MP3 codec preview, and real-time dithering. These different limiting types allow the engineer to have control over how transparent or aggressive the limiter behaves so it can be catered for different material making it a great track limiter and a perfect mastering limiter.

Eq cycle length

eq cycle length


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