Do women need testosterone

Dr Bell, whose work on food consumption concentrates on how we use food to work out who we are, makes this very clear: "'Nature' isn't natural. It's cultural. It's a story we tell to help us understand the world, and it's powerfully appealing in our post-Darwinian, secular culture. We need ways to explain the world and who we are, and nature, via science, gives us that." Tastes change over time, he says. Partly due to the availability of foods, and partly due to the "tastemakers" of a time, the people who guide the rest of us through ideas of class, culture, and indeed gender. But whatever the historical period, the diets men and women choose tell us a story about gender at the time. For example, the idea that men need more calories than women, or can drink more alcohol, "These are cultural stories about gender. Partly to do with the gendered division of labour, partly to do with the construction of the gendered body."

We strongly support The Quality Care for Moms and Babies Act (S. 466 and . 4695) as a way to improve maternal and child health in the United States. In particular, it would help identify standards that can be used to optimize care and improve outcomes for both childbearing women and newborns – especially those covered by Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). It would also enhance progress toward a high-performing maternity care system by addressing performance measurement gaps and supporting the work of maternity care quality collaboratives. Congress should make it a top priority.

The bottom line? A happy sex life after 50 is still very possible, but you have to make an effort. Feeling good in your own skin and being open-minded and creative are what sexy is all about. In fact, many midlife women say sex gets better after menopause because they are comfortable with who they are, they know what they like and how to ask for it, and they don't have to worry about bleeding or pregnancy. Of course, it's also important to stay as healthy and fit as possible. But try to block out all the cultural messages that say that if you don't look like you're 20, you're not sexy. Our personal favorite role model there is actress Helen Mirren , still sexy and glorious and proudly 63. And—by the way—still rocking a bikini.

Do women need testosterone

do women need testosterone


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