Dangers of testosterone boosters

Again, though, there is ample research that megadosing iodine can cause problems.  For example, a number of studies that show high iodine levels in the diet can really causes problems.  One study of Peace Corp volunteers in Ghana found that 44% had goiter from excessive iodine in their water filters.  When this was taken care of, their "mean serum iodine decreased from 293 ± 306 to 84 ± 46 μg/liter." [4] And, correspondingly, their TSH dropped from a high to a very sound mU/liter .

Being rich in flavonoids , tomatoes have very good heart-protective benefits. If you care about the health of your heart and of your whole cardiovascular system, you should make sure you get a good dose of tomatoes every day. This shouldn’t be too hard, as they are widely available all year round. Besides, there are so many sorts of tomatoes, that you can enjoy a varied diet, in order to prevent boredom. As heart disease is one of the major causes of death, everybody should try to eat lots of foods that promote the health of the heart. This is definitely much better than swallowing several types of pills each day, so do yourself a favor and eat one huge salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots , lettuce and olive oil every day. You can pair it with a nice steak and you’ve got a dinner to die for. Besides, you can easily cook it at home, so you can also save money by not eating out that often.

Thank God we have short straight intestinal tracts, right?  Wrong!!  Nothing could be further than the truth.  Our intestines are very long with many convolutions.  We can pretend all we want, but we have the gut of an herbivore.  Yes, we can eat some meat and all virtually all cultures on planet earth eat at least some animal foods, but dumping the typical low carb meal into our GI tract is simply fighting against Mother Nature.  Your gut is cursing the darkness as this  rancidifing, decomposing, lardy mass slowly scrapes its way through the many twists and turns of the small intestine. Many low carbers consume lots of heme iron, which is pro-inflammatory just to complete the package.

Dangers of testosterone boosters

dangers of testosterone boosters


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